Photo: Head of the Laboratory Andrzej Cichocki

Andrzej Stanislaw Cichocki



Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Head of the Laboratory

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Scientific interests

1) multi-way analysis, tensor decompositions and factorizations, group and multi-block analysis in applications to processing and mining of biomedical and geophysical massive data, big data analytics in biomedical engineering, computational neuroscience;
2) tensor Networks and their applications in big data analytics;
3) early detection of Alzheimer’s disease;
4) blind source separation (BSS), especially ICA, SCA, NMF, multiway BSS, Linked;
5) multi-block, multilinear ICA, nonnegative tensor factorizations. 6) Intelligent signal processing and massive data analysis and their applications;
7) learning theories and optimization techniques;
8) inverse problems and their biomedical applications;
9) brain computer interface (BCI), Brain Robot Interface and noninvasive recording and visualization of brain signals (EEG/ MEG, fMRI);
10) neural computation and nonlinear adaptive systems;
11) optimization and operations research and their biomedical applications;
12) neuroinformatics and bioinformatics.

Additional info

According to Google Scholar Doctor Andrzej Cichocki has h-index 70 with more than 27000 citaions. Doctor Andrzej Cichocki has been invited to the Council of Canadian Academies Survey of Science and Technology Strengths as an author of one of the top 1% most highly cited papers in his field worldwide.
Dr. Andrzej Cichocki was a member of the editorial board (8 journals) and the reviewer (more than 10 journals) of leading world scientific journals ("Journal of Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience", "IEEE Transaction on Neural Networks", "Methods in Neuroscience", "Neural Computation", "Neurocomputing", "Journal of Neural Networks", etc.) and a member of many technical committees of international programs and conferences ("IEEE Circuits and Systems Technical Committee for Blind Signal Processing", "Machine Learning for Signal Processing Technical Committee", etc.).
Dr. Andrzej Cichocki participated in the development of software packages: Independent Component Analysis LAB, Nonnegative Tensor Factorization LAB, Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations LAB and others. He also is the author of 6 patents.
Doctor Andrzej Cichocki developed novel multi-way (tensor) and machine learning (ML) technologies for massive brain (and generally multi-modal biomedical) data analysis and for computational (neuro)science, that is modeling and simulations of complex mechanisms and phenomena. He developed novel algorithms and software for multiway component analysis, including multilinear Independent Component Analysis (ICA), non-negative matrix/tensor factorization (NMF/NTF), Smooth Component Analysis and Sparse Component Analysis (SCA), for tensor decomposition and tensor networks to simulate complex systems and process massive large-scale multidimensional data sets.
Doctor Andrzej Cichocki also conducts research in the fields of Feature extraction, Dimensionality reduction, Classification and hierarchical clustering, Anomaly detection, Multiomadal data fusion, Very large scale optimization problems. He is engaged in practical applications related to Brain Computer Interface (BCI), Human Robot Interactions (HRI), EEG hyper-scanning and their application for rehabilitation, learning and therapies.

Publications since 2016