The 1st International Workshop on Tensor Networks and Machine Learning background

Welcome to the 1st international workshop on Tensor Networks and Machine Learning will be held in the Skoltech NEW CAMPUS, Ulitsa Bolshoi Boulevard 30 Stroenie 1, Moscow, from 24 to 26 October 2018


The recent advances in AI especially in deep learning and tensor decomposition have brought an impressive progress to solve several practical and challenging problems in many areas such as computer vision, pattern recognition, healthcare, biomedicine, biomedical engineering, BCI and biometrics. The aim of this workshop is to present and discuss the recent advances in machine learning for analysis and processing of large-scale data especially in bioengineering and biomedical applications. We have invited top active researchers working in AI, from Russia and also from USA, Japan and China who present original research work, as well as significant work-in-progress, covering novel theories, innovative methods, and meaningful applications that can potentially lead to significant advances in data analytics. This workshop is an opportunity to bring together academic and industrial scientists to discuss the recent advances.

The topics of interest include but not limited to:

  • Deep Learning and their applications
  • Supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning
  • Tensor decomposition and tensor networks
  • Linear and multilinear algebra for machine learning
  • Low rank matrix tensor factorization
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Classification, clustering , feature extraction and selection
  • Anomaly detection in time series, images and videos
  • Brain Machine Interface (BCI) and Human Computer Interactions (HCI)
  • Hyper-scanning and EGG, fMRI brain data analysis
  • Large Scale Optimization problems for machine Learning and Signal Processing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • New Trends and Developments in AI

General Chair


Keynote invited international speakers:
  • Prof. Jianting Cao – Saitama Institute of Technology Japan
  • Dr. Qibin Zhao – Head of Lab in Artificial Intelligence Program Riken, Japan
  • Dr. Vladimir Druskin – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
  • Prof. Yong Peng – Hangzhou Dianzi University, China
  • Dr. Zheng – Hangzhou Dianzi University, China
  • Prof. Dr. Uschmajew – Max-Planck Institute of Mathematics in the Sciences, Germany
  • Dr. Chungfeng Chui – UC Santa Barbara, USA
+ Faculty members and senior researchers of CDISE (Oseledets, Phan, Burnaev, Cichocki, Yarotsky)
+ Posdocs and PhD students of research Group of Professors:

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